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Education in Bronze – Mobile Classroom

Do you have handbells or handchimes sitting in a closet? Do you wonder how to use them? Would your choir benefit from everyone learning proper ringing technique? Are you an experienced group that would like to work on stage presence or polishing your favorite pieces? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Twin Cities Bronze Mobile Classroom is ready to come to you!


Experienced, enthusiastic, critically acclaimed educators will come to your rehearsal place and teach a class customized to your needs. You already have the equipment – Twin Cities Bronze provides the instructors and materials. This is a great way to enhance the skills of your group while making good use of time and budget.

At this time, classes are available in the Twin Cities Metro Area only.
Contact Bonnie Tranby, Associate Director, for more information and to schedule!

Beginning with the Basics

Fundamental stretching exercises, posture, ringing position, how and when to damp and essential note reading skills will be covered in this indispensable class. Learn what you need to bring your handbells out of the closet and start making music!

Energize the Battery

Battery ringers, those ringing C4 – B5, are an integral section of the bell choir. With this hands-on class, you’ll learn how to master techniques to become a stronger battery ringer and help your bell choir ring beautiful music with accuracy and precision.

Treble Bells: 4-in-Hand and Shelley Techniques 

This class will lead participants through sequential instructions for the setups and ringing of the various treble bell techniques. Discover the challenges and solutions for those times when you have too many bells and not enough hands! With hands-on experiences and original exercises, you’ll walk away from this class with the tools you need to be a success!

Battling those Bass Bells

This class demonstrates the basic techniques involved in playing the bass bells. Learn how to safely lift and ring the 2s and 3s. Participants will also learn about the articulations that are unique to bass bells and how to figure out bass bell assignments.

Get a Handle on Handchimes

The use of handchimes can span a lifetime – from children to senior citizens. Learn how to hold, ring and damp your chimes, how to use them in conjunction with handbells and what music is particularly suited to this lovely instrument.

Bell Trees and Processionals

Yes, you can walk and ring bells at the same time! Everything you need to know about bell trees and handbell processionals and the fun and excitement they can generate for ringers and audiences will be taught in this class. Topics covered include: how to use them, the needs of the ringer, learning a song and even writing your own.

Finishing Touches

Add polish to your performance with a coaching session from our Artistic and Music Director. Fine tune a piece or two, learn about and practice stage presence (which you need even in church) and take your group to the next level.

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